Friday, May 30, 2014

LEVENBETTS' Chic New Project Gets Photographed

We are excited to see a recently completed, chic modern residence we worked on with the innovative architectural firm LEVENBETTS and stellar builder MG & Company was officially photographed by the firm to show the world this month. 

LEVENBETTS notes they had the New York City project shot by photographer Michael Moran, and we're certain there will be some great press to follow (it's too remarkable to be left unnoticed by the shelter media). But before we wrapped up our work, before the full interior decoration and installation began, we nabbed a few shots of our own, as we were taken aback by the sheer beauty of the space. Here's a peek of what we last saw of the residence:

Part of what made the kitchen exceptionally beautiful was the unique use of bamboo- we used bleached bamboo with custom clad Stainless Steel surfaces. This unique surface also nicely complimented the transition into the adjacent sitting room and library where the cabinetry is made of an ash plywood with a custom white wash stain. The material and color choices of the millwork were neutral enough to make the cabinetry part of the background working as part of the structure, and also part of the decoration (much of which we look forward to seeing when they install and the client moves in).

We especially look forward to seeing how they utilize the floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall cabinetry in the library/ study gets filled.

Overall, this was an incredible project to work on, and we cannot wait to work with the LEVENBETTS - MG & Company duo again to create more high-quality residences all over town.